Bulk Deliverable Mulch

Wood Mulch Decorative

Mulch isn’t just for a great touch up for the canvas that is the exterior of your home (or business). It can be used for added nutrients to the soil or for holding in moisture better for any vegetation in that area. Whatever your goal is, we offer many different products types to choose from

The term mulch represents almost any surface above your soil that you use for landscaping. Garden mulch, for instance, is a specific type of mulch that most would prefer for their garden landscaping needs.


Natural Hardwood Double Shredded (Oak)

Double shredded hardwood is arguably the best value mulch available, and hands down the most popular.

Hardwood mulch is an affordable alternative for those still looking to go more towards a longer lasting tree bark. Like hemlock, this mostly oak hardwood will decompose into the soil to add nutrients. It also is a great option when looking for proper water retention for nearby plants and shrubbery.


Enviro Colored Mulch (Environmentally Friendly)

Hardwood Enviro is a color options mulch. Dyed with a pet and kid friendly natural dye that comes in the following colors:

  • Gold
  • Red
  • Light Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Black

No pressure treated lumber here. Made from all clean, kiln tried wood. Keep in mind, the color on the enviro mulches will generally start to fade from one to two years time frame. If you’re looking for a nice color that lasts a bit longer, we definitely recommend our premium hemlock mulch.


Premium Hemlock / Pine Blend Best of the Best

Spreads nicely, and not only adds nutrients to the underlying soil, but may even help keep away insects and other pests. The tannins found in the hemlock tree make for longer lasting, unique qualities that landscapers tend to look for, when compared to other mulches.

Always in high demand due to its fantastic qualities, darker reddish/orange tones, and lush aromatics that is sought after the hemlock tree family.

*Limited during certain seasons. Be sure to call in for current stock estimates.


Playground Mulch Certified

For those that are looking to add a mulch around a garden, or heavy trafficked center piece in a yard; playground mulch is a great solution to not only a play area, but also your yard’s walk areas.

Playground mulch is more shock absorbent and sheds moisture, which prevents any build up of mold or mildew from creeping up in humid locations. The certification is in place to help assure quality in the prevention of fall injury, and to make sure the mulch is free from any sharp edges or harmful chemicals.

The light shade of brown can be a great decorative contrast of color – and due to the demand over the older “chip” style playground mulch – we always keep a healthy amount in stock. No longer will you see larger chunks of playground chips blowing past your bordered edges from the wind. This mulch stays in place, and packs down nicely wherever it’s installed.